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About Us

Three pharmacistsFor many years, Lake Gregory Pharmacy has served the community as a retail pharmacy. We offer exceptional quality in medications and medical supplies. However, we keep our prices cost-friendly. We strongly believe that ALL of us are entitled to have access to medical care and medications at a price that we can afford. For us, preserving the health of one customer leads to helping the community preserve its overall health. One customer at a time, one patient at a time – we are making a difference in the community that we serve.

Lake Gregory Pharmacy understands its role as a pharmacy. We work alongside other medical professionals with the same goal to promote the health and well-being of our patients/customers. If needed, we can coordinate with your physicians to make sure that the medications you receive are just what they prescribed.

Each time you drop by at Lake Gregory Pharmacy, you can take comfort that you are making the most of the money that you spend for your health. We give you great value for your purchases like no other pharmacy can.

Call 909-338-1875 for price inquiries! You can also ask about the availability of a particular medication, OTC product or medical equipment.